Building materials

Mapefill GP ME

Mapefill GP ME is a high-performance, non-shrink cementitious grout designed for filling voids in structural elements. Its unique formulation includes an expansive agent, ensuring a

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KERACOLOR FF is a high-performance, polymer-modified cementitious mortar designed for grouting joints up to 6 mm wide. With its water-repellent DropEffect technology, this grout offers

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Planicrete SP

Planicrete SP is a versatile latex additive for high-performance mortar, screeds, and renders. It enhances bonding strength, providing excellent resistance to shocks, vibrations, water absorption,

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ME Planitop 110

Planitop 110 ME is a reliable and high-performance single-component cementitious mortar designed for the protection, smoothing, and levelling of concrete surfaces with imperfections up to

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Ultraplan Contract

Ultraplan Contract is a self-levelling, ultra quick-hardening smoothing compound designed for thicknesses ranging from 1 to 10 mm per coat. It is specially formulated for

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Kerapoxy is a high-performance, two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout and adhesive suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is classified as an RG (Reaction Resin Grout)

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