Mapefill GP ME

Mapefill GP ME is a high-performance, non-shrink cementitious grout designed for filling voids in structural elements. Its unique formulation includes an expansive agent, ensuring a total absence of shrinkage during the plastic phase. This versatile grout can be used for various applications, such as anchoring mechanical plant and machinery, anchorage of steel bolts, filling rigid joints in concrete structures, underpinning works, pressure grouting of concrete, and grouting machine baseplates.

أماكن الاستخدام:
حشو الفراغات في العناصر الإنشائية مثل: فراغات الخرسانة، وملء الفجوات في العناصر المسبقة الصب، وحش الألواح الأساسية ومحامل الجسور.

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